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Space Availability - Media Production Center

Media Production Center is a private category and can only be viewed at this URL. If you leave this category, you'll need to use the URL to return to it.

All MPC loans are due 3 days after checkout. Items 5 days overdue are marked as lost. The charges for lost items vary and may be as much as $1,000.

Should you lose the item, you will receive email notice of this, as well as notifications requesting that you return the material to the library. Failure to return your item or pay for the lost material will result in a hold being placed on your library account. This hold will prevent you from adding or dropping classes, registering for classes, and receiving your diploma. Further action may include the referral of your delinquent account to Student Financial Services. 

Only Current SU students, faculty and staff with a valid library registered ID may check out MPC Equipment. 

Please remember to save your electronic files onto your own storage device before you return the equipment. 

Users must adhere to all Seattle University rules, regulations, and guidelines. 

Never leave the equipment unattended and handle the equipment with care. Equipment borrowers assume full responsibility for damage, loss, or theft. If damage occurs or the equipment is incomplete upon return, charges for repair and/or replacement will be imposed against the borrower. 

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